Alumicor SA Holdings Pty Ltd ("Alumicor") is registered in South Africa and is the holding company of the following South African companies:

  • Alumicor Maritzburg (Pty) Ltd;
  • Alumicor Intellectual Property (Pty) Ltd; and
  • Nduzi Real Estate Projects (Pty) Ltd

(together with Alumicor, the "Alumicor Companies").

The Alumicor Companies operate an aluminium dross and scrap re-smelting operation. Alumicor Maritzburg (Pty) Ltd operates the dross smelting facility, Alumicor Intellectual Property (Pty) Ltd holds the patents, designs and confidential knowledge with regard to the dross smelting process and Nduzi Real Estate Projects (Pty) Ltd owns and leases the property on which the Alumicor operations are situated.

Alumicor's business is situated in Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. Alumicor Martizburg (Pty) Ltd leases the industrial property adjacent to the Hulamin Limited ("Hulamin") aluminium smelter from Nduzi Real Estate Projects (Pty) Ltd and has constructed a new aluminium dross re-smelting plant comprising three oxyfuel fired rotary tilting furnaces, bag houses and associated raw materials and waste handling facilities. The rotary tilting furnaces are capable of re-smelting up to 1400 Tons of aluminium dross per month. Alumicor has an indefinite period contract with Hulamin, to treat Hulamin's aluminium dross subject to termination upon the expiry of 6 months written notice given by either Alumicor or Hulamin. Under the terms of the contract with Hulamin, Hulamin has an option to acquire 100% of Alumicor's business after 31 January 2011.

Description: Furnace Building and Bag Houses

Description: Closed Furnace

Description: Operating Furnace

Description: Aluminium Pour

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